When CEREC Same Day Crowns are Recommended

Same Day Crowns Allendale Charter Twp, MI

CEREC® same day crowns are becoming a common way to restore smiles and replace damaged teeth. In the past, the only way to get a crown was to make multiple trips to the dentist’s office. It can take several weeks to complete a crown placement with this method. Getting crowns in a single visit has benefits and advantages over their counterparts. Your dentist can help you decide if CEREC makes the most sense for your needs and health.

Why dentists place crowns

A crown can help with both cosmetic and health issues. Crowns closely resemble natural teeth in their size, shape, and color. Also called caps, crowns fit over the entire tooth and bond to it with dental cement. The dentist may recommend that the patient get a crown to repair a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth. Crowns can also cover a discolored tooth or one that is misaligned or misshapen.

Crowns protect damaged teeth from suffering further damage. The cap will also stabilize the tooth and restore the patient’s bite. This enables the person to once again eat most foods. Also, the crown restores the person’s smile.

How traditional crowns work

When the patient has an issue that requires crown treatment, the dentist will do an examination. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions of the mouth. With this information, a technician will make the crown in a lab. At a subsequent appointment, the dentist numbs the patient and reshapes the tooth, which ensures that the crown fits properly. The dentist then places a temporary crown. The patient returns to the office when the permanent crown is ready, and the dentist cements it in place.

How same day crowns work

The process of getting a same day crown is similar with some key differences. The dentist makes 3D impressions and sends the pictures to a computer. The program then creates a model for the crown and sends it to a milling unit in the office. Meanwhile, the dentist reshapes the affected tooth and ensures that the crown will fit and match the desired shape and color. The milling unit makes the crown out of a ceramic block. The dentist then puts it over the tooth.

When CEREC is the right choice

Patients who want a faster treatment and solution should choose same day crowns. CEREC eliminates the need to come into the office for multiple visits. It takes less time and restores the person’s smile more quickly. A same day crown is also the right choice if the patient prefers ceramic materials, as this is the only choice for this type.

An effective way to repair your teeth

Same day crowns minimize the time you will spend in the dentist’s chair. They also get your smile back to where you want it faster than traditional crowns do. If you are interested in CEREC, talk to your dentist. You can get started on your new smile treatment right away.

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