3 Signs You Should Get a Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep Teeth Cleaning Allendale Charter Twp, MI

A deep teeth cleaning is a preventative procedure for patients with early signs of periodontitis. People with poor oral health may need this treatment. It involves scaling and tooth planing. If you are wondering if you need deep teeth cleaning, here are the three signs to watch out for.

1.Large and deep pockets along the gumline

Self-checking for gum pockets is possible. Standing in front of a mirror while lowering the bottom lip can show the pockets. The gums will be swollen along the gumline. The gingival pockets will also look full. These pockets may be full of bacteria, plaque, tartar, or pus. An urgent dental appointment can start the deep teeth cleaning right away.

There is always a space between the gum and tooth. This is the sulcus. Food particles and bacteria tend to collect in that space. Regular brushing and flossing are often enough to remove them.

A toothbrush reaches about two to three millimeters below the gumline. Food particles and bacteria can collect deeper into the gumline. This causes inflammation. A pocket starts to form when the gum starts to separate from the tooth. In this case, the space becomes deeper. This makes the pocket deeper and bigger.

Bacteria in the pocket will continue to multiply if there is no attempt to treat the infection. The accumulation will result in more infection, larger pockets, and bone loss. This will deteriorate the support of the tooth roots. Tooth loss then occurs. The dentist can perform deep teeth cleaning to clear the pockets and prevent the infection from worsening.

2.Gum bleeding and brittle teeth

Gums tend to bleed if there has been a gap in flossing. Persistent gum bleeding may indicate an infection in the gums. Bleeding gums while brushing is a sign of infection. Sensitivity is also a sign of inflammation from plaque buildup. The patient needs to schedule a dental checkup right away.

There is a definite problem if teeth keep cracking or breaking even without injuries. This may happen while eating favorite foods or brushing teeth. The teeth may already be weakening because of gum inflammation or infection. Gum bleeding with brittle teeth needs an immediate dental appointment. Starting deep teeth cleaning could save the tooth and the neighboring teeth as well.

3.Halitosis or bad breath

Many things can cause bad breath. A person who has consistent bad breath may have bacterial accumulation or periodontitis. The smell will not go away even if the person brushes, flosses, and rinses with mouthwash. A dental checkup and a deep teeth cleaning can help the situation.

A thorough deep teeth cleaning can improve your oral health and prevent tooth loss

Consistency in caring for your teeth and gums may be difficult to achieve sometimes. Busy lifestyles and demanding schedules tend to get in the way. Knowing the signs indicating that you need a deep teeth cleaning can help remedy the problem. An appointment with your dentist can determine if you need to start your deep teeth cleaning right away.

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